New BK spot hits trifecta: inane, insensitive, and ineffective.

In Uncategorized on January 2, 2016 at 11:54 am

Okay, Burger King. I’ve defended many of your antics over the years, and your “Whopper Freak-out” was brilliant in its time. I even smirk a little at the “debate” campaign you’ve been running for your chicken nugget deal. But time to get the new copywriter off your account – he or she lacks the experience or the judgment to know a non-idea (even worse, a bad idea) at the first “Hey, what if we….”

In a new spot for its “chicken burger” Burger King calls up all the archaic stereotypes for old people and wraps them into one piece of nonsense. If you have already branded me as being “politically correct” then you don’t get it. Sometimes “politically correct” is correct, period.BurgerKing

The spot is inane in that it forces ridiculous words into the actors’ mouths just to set up a joke that isn’t funny.  Sure, an overplayed senior woman would chide her husband saying “Eat it already, I’m getting old over her.”  And he would certainly answer “You got old a long time ago, believe me.” What a knee-slapper, copywriter pup.

The spot is insensitive for the obvious reasons already hinted at. It portrays senior citizens in just the way too many self-absorbed younger people (and many middle-aged adults) love to think of them: loud, argumentative, whiny and crotchety. (Oh, and the fact that they’re wearing the BK crowns intended for kids? I’m laughing so hard I can’t catch my breath.) Perhaps there’s some psychology here – the more “over the top” we make them, the further that eventual senior status seems from us.

In this spot, I’m surprised the script didn’t call for them to drive away very slowly in a car with a blinker left on.

Finally, the spot is ineffective because it gives me NO reason to try Burger King’s new sandwich. It tells me the chicken burger is new, it’s flame-grilled, and that I can get two of them for a promo price. I’ve got lots of choices for good chicken sandwiches out there. Without more explanation, the thought of a chicken “burger” doesn’t leave me with a very appetizing image.

But of course, what do I know? I’m over thirty, and still believe good advertising can and should entertain and say something meaningful. I’d be happy to stop by and show the BK copywriter how it’s done. I won’t wear a cardigan sweater, and I’ll park my walker far from your office. Or you come to my place – I promise not to tell you to get off my lawn.


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