Bad news, “savvy” marketers – you ARE the clutter.

In Media, Memorable Marketing, Research on February 11, 2015 at 3:59 pm

Saw an interesting research brief the other day. The Center for Media Research was summarizing a study from Track Maven that shined light on a truth that we all know, intuitively -but all vainly think is only a problem for someone else.

To put it bluntly, in the blind effort to inundate every potential customer with their oh-so-valuable messaging, marketers are spewing it out to every possible channel. They pat themselves on the back for “capitalizing” on every social media trend, never missing a trick, being present on every virtual stage they know (or have recently heard about). The only trouble is, they are apparently doing it without paying nearly enough attention to the content of that messaging.  As a result, too many of them are simply boring more people in more places, and contributing to the overall marketplace din that they are presumably trying to cut through.


The study highlighted in the report shows that there is far less engagement per item as this tonnage has grown. A bit self-serving for the organization conducting the research, perhaps – but does anyone out there really doubt that it is true?

This marketplace is really nothing more than an analogy to the whole “parity” marketing struggle so many companies go through. If your product isn’t different, isn’t unique, isn’t interesting, then you are doomed to a battle on price, at best. Or in this case, relative anonymity, since no one cares.

It’s a logical thought process, of course – but too much though is going into the distribution end, and not enough into what is being distributed.  Too many times today, buzz-trends like “native marketing” are really just “naive” marketing. Just getting in people’s faces isn’t a good thing. Getting into their minds is far better – and takes real work.


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