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In mobile, one size definitely does NOT fit all.

In Uncategorized on May 15, 2013 at 12:26 am

My first reaction to a recent research report on mobile platforms was…DUH. But, as often happens, a little more reflection made me realize there was some important learning to be had.

The Adobe Digital Index reviewed more than 100 billion website visits around the world, and came up with interesting comparisons between tablets and smartphones…more specifically, the “shopping” behaviors consumers display on each platform. freeimage-27473857-webThe basic takeaway from the study, which you can see in more detail here, is that tablets have overtaken smartphones as the shopping device of choice. Simply put, tablet use and prominence is growing; smartphones, not so much.

The results show that users look at 70% more web pages per visit using a tablet than they do when using a smartphone. That’s the “duh” part for me. Of course they do. It’s easier to click around a site when your flabby fingers have a lot more working room to find, isolate, and click on the links and, dare I say, actually read some of the words you find once you get there! (And while youth may give you a bit more dexterity and better eyesight for that purpose, it comes with less patience, so those things tend to cancel out.)

What this finally made me realze is that “mobile” is no more a single category than “broadcast” is.  You wouldn’t (at least wisely) use the same tactics for a Super Bowl TV spot as you would in a gas-pump video or local radio remote. So today, smart marketers shouldn’t think they are ahead of the curve simply Read the rest of this entry »