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The “Beck” story on charming AT&T kid spots.

In Ad Creative, Social Media on March 27, 2013 at 12:05 am

Ever heard of Beck Bennett?  Bet you will soon.

I was originally going to make this post another tribute to excellent casting.  By now, you’ve all seen the AT&T 4G spots that feature batches of kids interacting with a dryly humorous presenter. The campaign, themed  “It’s Not Complicated” touts the large AT&T network, and uses simplistic “even a kid knows that” kind  of logic to support the featured benefit.

It’s not a brand new idea, of course; kids saying funny things have been the basis of campaigns (and TV shows, for that matter) for many decades. To me, the beauty in the spots is the wonderfully fine line being walked by the adult.  He treats the kids with respect, and appears to earnestly be soliciting their opinions on the questions asked.

But his perfectly deadpan responses and interjections let us know that he is fully aware of the quirky,  sometimes long-winded answers the kids provide.

But as I investigated the campaign, I learned that perhaps the real beauty in this story is the way social media is at work around the edges. First, the interviewer is a fellow named  Beck Bennett, who grew up near my old home in Chicago and went to USC and studied acting, pursuing comedy activities on the side. Before getting his big break in this AT&T campaign, Bennett attracted a small following through a series of web shorts called ‘Fresh Perspectives” – a pseudo news round table in which he plays the same type of straight-man moderator to groups of Read the rest of this entry »