Arby’s anti-Subway theme pretty thin, no matter where you slice it.

In Uncategorized on November 5, 2012 at 11:03 pm

I know, it’s quirky. It’s so…so… Crispin.  A “legendary” (so they tell us) former New York police detective blows the whistle on Subway’s “Eat Fresh” campaign, the big reveal being that Subway’s meats are not sliced on premises, but at “some factory in the middle of nowhere.”  Here’s what I wonder:  does anyone care?

If I were Arby’s, I don’t think I’d spend the first 23 seconds of my 30-second spot talking about (and showing) Subway, without even mentioning my own stores. Dramatic it’s not. I don’t find the fact that one place has its hunks of meat shipped to the store before slicing, while the other slices those hunks before sending, is very compelling. Frozen vs. cows grazing in the back would be significant. But exactly when and where the knife slides through it isn’t.

Besides, at Subway, I can watch as a steady stream of fresh – yes, FRESH – ingredients like lettuce, tomato, pickles, and many more are added to my sandwich. The fact that my ham, bologna, roast beef, or whatever is already sliced doesn’t translate, for me, into it being less fresh.

I’ll grant that Arby’s is good food. (Though thankfully, it is apparently no longer “good mood food.”) And if I want a hot roast beef sandwich, I’ll probably go there.  But if I want the kind of variety and “custom” experience Subway offers, Arby’s just isn’t going to cut it. No matter where they cut it.


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