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NBC to misguided critics: “#scoreboard!”

In Just Thinkin', Social Media on August 6, 2012 at 6:39 pm

Years ago, Major League Baseball took lots of grief for scheduling All Star and World Series games in the evening. Out came the usual objections – “kids can’t stay up that late” or “baseball belongs in the daytime.”  But the simple truth is that then, as now, most people have day jobs. They can actually watch the game if it’s played at night. Higher ratings meant it was the right decision for more fans, period.

So let’s jump ahead to what’s happening now with the London Olympics.

Many people, of course, believe that NBC-TV’s tactic of delaying broadcasts of key events until “prime time” to pump ratings is some sort of subterfuge, turning that five-ring logo into a three-ring circus.  But those critics – who probably include  you –  are  simply wrong. (No offense!)

NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus was quoted in  Sports Business Daily as saying: “It’s not everyone’s inalienable right to get whatever they want.” This infuriated plenty of people, apparently. Me? I wanted to buy him a beer. It’s not merely that the American TV public is spoiled (though it is).  It is simply the fact that millions of complainers are- as my favorite cartoonist used to label some of his panels –  “people unclear on the concept.”

NBC is not here, in this case, to bring you the news. If all  you want is to know WHAT happened as quickly as possible, you have dozens of cable channels and thousands Read the rest of this entry »