Night of the Winning Dead? Maybe – in new spot for NY lottery.

In Uncategorized on July 11, 2012 at 6:26 pm

Okay, so maybe we’re overdosing on zombies these days a bit.  With Zombieland, the Walking Dead and countless other incursions, the genre’ seems to be creeping in to take over pop culture.  And I love it!

Okay, hard to justify or explain, but ever since Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, folks are fascinated by zombies! One reason, I think, is that they represent such “low-tech” horror. No space-age aliens, cosmic death rays or  state-of-the-dark-art biohazard. Just  trudging ghouls. Hideous, of course, but  they’re weak, and they’re dumb, and you can outrun them for the most part.

But Zombies have still another weakness, according to a new New York State Lottery commercial. They’re greedy! This fun spot starts with a scene you feel like you’ve seen a million times, with a select group of heroes trapped in a store with a mob of zombies closing in.

Not sure how they’re going to get out, but it turns out the lottery has, uh, just the ticket!

Lottery advertising sounds like fun, but it must be pretty challenging. How many different ways can you sing the praises of suddenly having scads of money? They’re in virtually every state, and the ultimate “payoff” in every campaign is pretty much the same.  But besides the anticipation of winning, the only benefit is some level of fun. And the best lottery campaigns manage to uh, mine this vein effectively.

I still remember one spot – don’t even remember which state I was in at the time – that featured a nerdy little guy fantasizing about what he would do with his winnings.  The actor did a great job in delivering the line  “I’m gonna be a cowboy…and sleep on the range…. and eat beeeaaaaannnnsssss!”  You can probably think of others.

Some states – where lotto proceeds go toward schools – approach it from a “good for your community” angle. But I’m partial, of course, to those that are just plain fun. Like this one from Missouri.

I do think it’s rather funny, though, when the SIZE of the jackpot is the main creative thrust. I mean, does anyone really say “$30 million? Not worth it” then get all excited when it’s $60 million?  Not like a mere $30 million is gonna change your life or anything, huh?  (Never mind, Mitt, I wasn’t talking to you.)

  1. every losing lottery ticket is a reminder you should have studied harder during your Statistics and Probability class…..

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