Etch-a-Sketch knows what’s shaking!

In Ad Creative, Memorable Marketing, The Marketing Microscope on April 5, 2012 at 12:11 pm

Personal confession here: I LOVE this kind of marketing. I am always very impressed when I see a marketer seize an appropriate moment in time to generate some buzz and hopefully, some fun built around a timely occurrence in pop culture, politics, whatever.  And do it well.

Ohio Art, with its beloved timeless Etch a Sketch toy, has done just that. An article here on MediaPost News gives the full details. But to summarize, they’ve done some very clever things to capitalize on a recent comment from a Romney adviser that generated plenty of reaction from opponents.

They’ve struck just the right chord in their efforts to play off the event, referencing how (in terms of their toy, of course) there’s a left and right, but things work best when they work together. And the end message is an encouragement to vote! All very positive and upbeat, with no real political lines being drawn (sorry). You can, of course, buy a red or blue Etch a Sketch, if you must.

And the whole affair is built to deliver the people touched by social media to their redesigned website! Great marketing, and great fun – (Etch a) Sketch comedy, if you will. Way to go, Ohio Arts. More fun than a Barrel of Monkeys. (Uh, no offense, Milton Bradley.)


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