Liberty Mutual’s feel-good spots DO!

In Ad Creative on February 27, 2012 at 7:16 pm

It’s not a new campaign. And I’m not totally sure I even get the connection to insurance as well as they’d like me to. But after watching these Liberty Mutual “Good Deed” spots for several years, I just have to show them a little love. I watch them every time, and try to follow the person-to-person “pay it forward” flow.

Spots in the series have just the right mixture of  big things (like stopping a fellow pedestrian from stepping in front of a car) to little ones (like holding a door, or kicking a basketball back to some children at play).  And actually, I think there is a little life truth to it. Unless you are one of those truly selfish jerks, you just might let someone else get in front of you in traffic after someone has shown you the same courtesy.

Too bad Liberty Mutual has mixed in so many other kinds of spots that seem “all over the lot” compared to these corporate image efforts.  Ironically enough, a relatively new spot for Liberty Mutual homeowner’s insurance shows a young woman peddling her bike ‘around the block” seemingly indifferent to a wide range of disasters that are in the process of  wrecking her neighbors’ homes or property.

Then again, insurance is a category I’ve written about before, with many companies running many different campaigns at the same time, mostly in desperate search for that younger demographic. Allstate has  “mayhem” going for it, but is still using Dennis Haysburt (and other people speaking in Dennis Haysburt’s voice, unfortunately).

State Farm uses a few different approaches, as well. I do smile at “Jerry Newman’s” mishaps. But as for that “get to a better state, State Farm” series, yuck. I get that it ties to the brand name – DUH. But some of the executions border on insipid.

But enough negatives. I started out in a positive mood. Let’s just say “way to go, Liberty Mutual.”   Your campaign probably draws eye-rolls from many cynics, but not THIS one.


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