Greyhound responds smartly to smart alec Baldwin.

In Uncategorized on December 12, 2011 at 10:43 pm

Alec Baldwin is a great actor, but he’s also  clearly too smug for his own good. It’s no surprise that many of his comedic commercial roles seem to feature his pampered, spoiled brat persona. In those, it seems, he’s not acting.

So it’s not much of a surprise to picture him as the airline passenger a little too important to follow the same rules as the “little people” and refusing to turn off his electronic device when requested by the cabin crew and flight deck. After all, HE knows better.  (And it’s even LESS of a surprise when he appears on Saturday Night Live the next day attempting to further ridicule the airline for calling him on his sense of celebrity entitlement.) But the great part of all this is that, in his condescending disparagement of American Airlines, he happened to describe flying on the company’s planes as a “Greyhound bus experience.”  As if he would know.

But in a brilliant PR move, Greyhound seized the opportunity to publish an open letter to Baldwin as a result. The letter humbly admitted to some past hassles in bus travel, but invited Baldwin to come sample today’s Greyhound experience. Cleverly enough, the company pointed out he would never have had to STOP playing his “Words with Friends” game on Greyhound.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Baldwin accepts the invitation; I’m sure in his mind that would somehow make him even “cooler” and really look like the winner in all this.

But he’s not, at least in my book. Greyhound is. Good job. Way to turn Baldwin’s chicken bleep into chicken salad!

  1. watch for “smart” Alec in the next Greyhound commercial…..and it’s not Greyhound’s fault if they sell tickets to the lowest of the lowlifes….spend a few hours at your local Greyhound bus terminal….and bring some extra cash for a couple of good deals on crack cocaine….CCW is a good idea too

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