Hitting “refresh” on an old complaint.

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2011 at 11:15 am

Two things: this topic is nothing new, and people have been complaining mildly about it since my childhood, probably. And secondly, full disclosure, my current position makes me more sensitive to things like Veterans Day.

But since I “liked” Petsmart on Facebook or something like that, I am on their email list. And today it came -an exciting message about their “Veterans Day Sale.”

Sorry to be overly sensitive, but in this day and age, shouldn’t there be some connection – no matter how strained or tenuous? A 10% discount for veterans? A small part of your ad devoted to thanking them? SOMETHING?

In our town, we are completing a Military Appreciation Week leading up to Veterans Day. Many  merchants are arranging discounts or other forms of “thank you” for service members and veterans. So Veterans Day means a little more than a closed Post Office and a lame, tiresome sales theme for car dealers and other retailers.

Presidents Day? Okay, fine, be superficial. I’m sure George Washington or Abe Lincoln won’t mind you moving a few Monte Carlos on their annual celebration. Or even a few catnip mice or pooper-scoopers. But Veterans Day should be different. Lots of real living and breathing heroes out there worth remembering and thanking for what they’ve done for us, in past wars and enduring the unique stresses of our current conflicts.

Remember that today, one percent of our citizens volunteer to put their lives on the line for the rest of us. And to paraphrase a quote I recently heard, no one who deploys to a war zone comes back unwounded.

Can I just ask all retailers out there to think of Veterans Day a little differently?  It’s not an opportunity to get people into our stores. It’s a reason to take people into our hearts.

  1. and most cities, if not all, do not have a parade, memorial service or any type of one day remembrance for our veterans…..I guess they’re too busy buying mattresses, used cars or just enjoying the day off……not that the veterans would ask for anything special….just doing their part as all true Americans would and should….

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