Akron’s REAL hero isn’t going anywhere.

In Uncategorized on July 26, 2010 at 6:19 pm

Bye, LeBron. Have a nice life. You can dribble a basketball pretty well. Although the fact that, not counting endorsements, your “salary” would fund about 300 police officers or school teachers says more about us than you.  But please lose this “king” and “hero” stuff. You aren’t either. And wouldn’t be even if you stayed.

This column is devoted to an Akron native who has earned– and really deserves– the title “hero.”  Maybe you’ve heard of him. Keith McVey delivers the mail. Oh, and every now and then, saves a life. In short, Keith is the kind of guy that, when one of those awful things happens around you, you want to have him nearby. He’ll know what to do, and DO it.

Like performing CPR to save a guy’s life. Pulling a drowning 13-year-old girl from a lake. Or covering a teen who had tried to commit suicide with blankets and keeping him alive until an ambulance arrived.

Hey, I’ll bet even dogs don’t bark at this guy, out of respect.

I don’t know Keith. (Wish I did, though.)  And I thought that after all the unbelievable media  noise about LeBron, and how terribly despondent Northeast Ohio would be after his departure, Keith deserves a little bit of love.  He’s a hero, and he’s still here.

Ask yourself – if you were driving through Akron and felt yourself having a heart attack, which guy would  you rather have on the scene? One  would stand there clapping erasers and looking for the TV camera. The other might keep you around for your wife and children.

Thanks Keith. Sorry about our society’s priorities. And thank you for yours.


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