This marketing idea wins brownie points.

In Memorable Marketing on May 14, 2010 at 1:25 pm

Okay, time to break the chain of negative posts here, time to praise somebody. I found this in an E-mail newsletter from Kim Komando, the self-proclaimed “digital goddess” (Hers is one of the most helpful newsletters I get – you might want to sign up.) Now, I don’t know why this item is for sale through her site, but that’s not important.

“Filling a customer need” has always been the singularly most important goal of a marketing effort; that can mean positioning your product a certain way, or identifying the best target audience. But sometimes it’s as simple as recognizing a basic customer desire, and designing a product that satisfies it.  Like….”the Edge.” No, not the Ford “Edge.” That’s just marketing-speak, probably with very dubious justification for its name. Nope. This “Edge” earns its name.

If you are, like me,  one of the millions of people who, offered a plate of brownies, will tend to prefer ones that have at least one “edge” on it (rather than a boring center-of-the-pan segment) then your dream product has come.  Just look at the picture accompanying this post  – and you get it.  The simple design cries out “genious!”

This strange looking pan results in brownies that – are you ready for this – ALL have at least one edge! No big copy block to read, no strained claims or questionable testimonials. The picture is all the proof you need!

Now, the pan IS a little pricey, at $36. But hey, when you come up with such a beautifully simple idea, you ought to be rewarded!


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