Batter up! Meet the Waffle Man.

In Uncategorized on February 21, 2010 at 5:38 pm

Sometimes marketing comes down to simply having an interesting story to tell, and I recently came across a guy who does. I attended a fund-raiser for a local high school band, and the event’s headliner wasn’t a musical performance, magician, comedian, or celebrity. (At least, not the kind you’d normally think of.) The star of the show was “The Waffle Man.” In this day of strident, cynical, take-no-prisoners politics, I’m afraid that reference conjures up images of nasty mud-slinging commercials. And that’s too bad, because “The Waffle Man” makes real waffles. Lots of them. Really, really well!

We’ve all been to places – sometimes those “breakfast included” hotel deals – where little electric waffle makers have been part of the fun. But….picture about 25 of them lined up in constant synchronization, spitting out waffles as fast as their little Hamilton Beach hearts can make them to a growing line of hungry people.

Of course, part of the fun was the selection of toppings available, starting with the pour-on butter, followed up with strawberry, blueberry, pecan, and even boysenberry toppings. Plus, of course, the good old favorite – maple syrup. (And there, at the end, were the sad little store-bought bottles of sugar free that, I, uh, am supposed to use.)

Throw on a sausage or two, and it was might tasty. I must admit, I wouldn’t have thought of waffles for dinner on Saturday night. But it was all certainly fun.

Granted, not too many folks have use for a steady stream of waffles, but for those looking to attract (and please) a crowd and raise a little money, it’s a pretty good attraction. And when I mentioned to people that I was going to see “the Waffle Man” everyone seemed to know just whom I was talking about.

I don’t know if “the Waffle Man” has any interest in going into politics, but I’m be ready to be his campaign manager if he does. Seems to me he’s got what it takes.  He’s got the name recognition, and he sends people away happy. (And did I mention he leaves the mess for others to clean up?)

  1. I have heard about this “Waffle Man” too. It is a great way to raise money for the local highschool. However, I dont think I would be too happy if he didnt help clean up the mess he made! Those waffle would have to be pretty amazing for me to clean up everybody elses mess.

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