That’s it, Chevy – now you’ve got it!

In Ad Creative on November 13, 2009 at 4:24 pm

In all honesty, I didn’t intend to write about Chevy or GM again any time soon. But in skimming a copy of USA Weekend that just hit my desk, I found three consecutive full-page ads for Chevy models.

I still can’t believe it can be an equally efficient media choice for three different vehicles. But I’ll ignore that issue today, anyway – because what surprised me (pleasantly) is the content of the ads themselves. Mikey likes ’em!img068

While they still adhere to something of a corporate template,  these ads do not embarrass themselves with the unearned “attitude” displayed in the GM ads I criticized a couple weeks back. Each of these ads uses, as its headline, a very positive quote about the featured vehicle from a major media outlet. (Third-party credibility beats snottiness every time.)

“Traverse…quite simply, is one of the best vehicles – not just crossovers – on the road today.”AutoWeek

And they don’t stick with enthusiast mags alone. Other headlines in the series feature praise from the Washington Post and U.S. News and World Report.

Better yet, the copy blocks in each ad get right into meaningful points of difference. “Chevy Traverse. 24 MPG hwy — the best hwy fuel economy of any 8-passenger crossover. More cargo room than any competitor. 30% more room than Honda Pilot…..a Consumers Digest Best Buy…..”

The headlines aren’t big and bold, like the ones in the previous ads, and perhaps will attract less notice as a result. But these ads know what to do with the attention they do capture in order to turn it into elevated interest, and hopefully sales.

Using segments of reviews from various publications isn’t a new idea, of course. But it feels right in this case. And many readers will take it as a sign that the vehicle has lots of good features that I’d like, too, if I had the time or knew how to investigate like these “experts” did.

I can think of a few other tactics that could be real mind-changers, as well, and maybe a bit more arresting. But my point today is in celebrating progress in the right direction.  As I mentioned, I hesitated dealing with this again, since the subject may not fascinate my readers all that much. But I felt it only fair to, as the cliche’ dictates, give credit where credit is due.


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