New Bud spots set the bar a little higher.

In Ad Creative on October 21, 2009 at 11:06 am

When I heard about a new Budweiser campaign going back to “its roots” I was skeptical. While I don’t love the typically sophomoric humor in most of today’s “in a bar wit da guys” beer spots, I really don’t get much at all from commercials that obsess on the brewing process, slo-mo beer pours, etc. But surprise — I was wrong. The new spots are here, and  I like ’em!

The spots feature recognizable “moments” in beer drinking – like the way guys greet one another, tease one another, and bring back multiple beers on trips to the concession stand. And they subtly reinforce that Budweiser is almost always a comfortable part of those little pieces of camaraderie. They aren’t perfect; music choices are odd, in some cases. But there’s a lot more right than wrong with them.

I think what draws me to these spots is that they are both fun and real. I don’t have a ‘posse’ and I don’t endlessly ogle scantily-clad women in bars. And I don’t engage in silly drinking competitions that leave someone drunk or injured. But these new Bud commercials capture the small truths that all beer drinkers can enjoy and identify with – and without the embarrassment! You won’t spit your beer out laughing, and time will tell if the usual “guys in the baseball caps” will like them.

But they made me smile and think fondly of both beer drinking and Budweiser. I respectfully submit that in today’s marketplace,  that’s saying something. Way to go, Bud and DDB. This Bud’s for me!


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