Thousands gain health coverage!!! (Yup, it’s a fantasy!)

In Just Thinkin' on August 27, 2009 at 5:38 pm

Wow, that health care reform is something. The actual poor may have to wait a bit longer, but it is certainly good to know that now, you can obtain coverage for the players you draft in your fantasy football league!  Go ahead and pick Tom Brady — just get the insurance, in case he suffers another big injury. Or snag T.O. without worry — if his sore toe keeps him out a lot, you’ll be covered. (As if that were the only risk in picking T.O.)

It’s a real policy, and it’s underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. That’s right, the people who insure major business assets and high-profile, big-money events are willing to back you in that annual competition with your buddies.

I don’t know what I think about it, really;  it doesn’t annoy me, but it does, for me, slide into the “get a life” category. It does amuse me to think of some 72-year-old British guy in a three-piece tweed suit doing the actuarial table on the likelihood that Larry Glukowski, who lives in the basement at 639 HisMomsHouse, will suffer a fantasy-season wrecking injury to one of his player picks.

To me, the possibility of such 0ccurrences is exactly what makes things like that fun in the first place. As they say in, well, the real NFL, it’s part of the game! Seems like anyone who’d buy fantasy football insurance is the kind that would buy up every ticket in a lottery, just to make sure he wins (at least most of) his money back. So come on, take a risk. Skip the insurance. And while you’re on a roll, do something really risky, like choosing a Brown or a Lion.


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