Favre’s return no surprise. But THIS one IS!

In Media on June 17, 2009 at 11:23 am

Let’s talk about comebacks. Optimism. Desire. Energy. Sure, the return everyone is talking about is Brett Favre’s with the Minnesota Vikings. I’m all in favor of that one. Sure, the soap opera gets a bit tiresome. But he’s been a great player, and if he wants to continue–and there’s a team that wants him–he should do exactly what he’s doing. Ignore the clueless couch potatoes and sanctimonious sportwriters talking about tarnishing legends. That’s HIS business.

Favre popping up again isn’t a big surprise, but here’s one that IS: a brand new home-delivered daily newspaper is emerging in Detroit. According to this article in the Lansing State Journal, two publishers are launching a brand new daily in an attempt to fill the void left when the major Detroit papers recently cut back on the days they provide home  delivery. As you all know, the newspaper industry itself is back on its heels, trying to figure out a way to survive, let alone grow.

The gentlemen behind this venture have reasons to believe they can succeed where even established, credible newspaperss couldn’t. And I’m certainly not qualified to tell whether they are wise opportunists, or just plain delusional. They do face daunting obstacles however; they are something of an unknown quantity. And their stated target of “older readers” doesn’t bode well for long-term success.

But I respect their determination, and I certainly hope they do succeed.  Just as I hope Favre does. Favre will have a good team around him. But it’s 4th and long for the newspaper business. so those guys in Detroit are going to need a Hail Mary. (And you might throw in a few Our Fathers while you’re at it.)


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