Marketing behind Quiznos new subs easy to fathom.

In Ad Creative on June 11, 2009 at 1:12 pm

Sometimes (okay, lots of times) you see a commercial for a new product and wonder what “they” were thinking. All you can say is “wow.”  (Or maybe, “shamwow.”)  We’ll talk about some of those in another post.

But other times, the premise is so simple and logical, it’s a thing of beauty. I’d like to offer as evidence those new “Torpedo” subs from Quiznos.

Here’s the Marketing 101 through Quiznos’ eyes, and I don’t even have to work for them to see it.   Fact #1: Quiznos subs tend to be a little pricier than others, especially Subway’s “$5 foot long” that is fast becoming a legend of jingle-dom. So we lose on price during tough economic times.  Fact #2: consumers in this mobile, hyperactive society find those tightly-wrapped burgers much easier to eat in the car or on the run than sub sandwiches with all those fresh ingredients to fall out!

The solution?  Le’ts make a thinner version of a sub that we can sell for less — less, even, than the Subway offering. And  while we’re at it, let’s make it uniquely portable, so it can be a more customer-friendly burger alternative.  Finally, to make that point, we’ll launch a campaign using ads, the Web and social marketing to show people eating Torpedoes in interesting locations or situations in all 50 states– complete with a contest in which consumers can win big prizes by making their own similar videos.

Their commercials and promotions won’t win any creative awards, but they do a great job of presenting the desirable aspects of a smart new product. That, as they say, “ain’t all bad.”

Those new Torpedoes may not sink Subway, but they should help keep Quiznos afloat nicely through an economic storm.

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately not more advertisers get it so right. They might have the right idea but then they serve it up so poorly. Like music CD’s (maybe not the best example – packaging vs. advertising- but it’ll help make the point because everyone has struggled with the simple act NOT of removing the CD from the packaging. Music CD’s are a great way to listen to music, pure digital sound, but OMG what an annoyance that super sticky wrap over the top label is. OK, here’s a more pertinent example of not getting it right. The new Honda Insight commercials don’t do enough to communicate that this vehicle is made my Honda. The reason this is so CRUCIAL is that the Insight looks way to similar to the Toyota Prius (even the just introduced all-new 2010 Prius) and the Insight tag line – The Hybrid For Everyone – helps to sell the Prius because since it’s introduction 11 years ago Prius has dominated the hybrid market in sales and awareness. So in my humble opinion The Hybrid For Everyone is the Prius by default.
    It sure is easier to recall the bad marketing, maybe because there’s just so much of it out there! But then the plethora of bad makes the good really jump out at you.

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